Tibet Tour

Tibet Tour

Tibet, isolated on the remote Himalayan plateau, is the dream of every traveller. Every year, it attracts millions of travellers to explore its ancient Tibetan culture and its pure and unspoiled natural landscape. Tibet Tour offers the best opportunity to explore beautiful Buddhist monasteries, high plateau, the stunning Himalayan views and extraordinary people remain one of the world's great travel experiences. Tibet, the forbidden Kingdom, mystic Shangri-La, on the roof of the world, has capture imagination for centuries. Tibet Tour package is perfectly designed for travellers to enjoy their exotic vacations with us. Tibet Travel package begins upon arrival in Lhasa to explore the main outstanding tourist destinations, including a visit to the impressive Potala Palace.

Tibet is located on the world's largest and highest plateau and is considered the world's roof. People also think Tibet to be the third pole, as its remoteness and harsh climate rival the Arctic and Antarctic.

Although Tibet's harsh environment has created an impressive highland landscape, it has not prevented Tibetans from building their culture and history. Today, the culture, nature, and people who live in this country are reasons for you to visit Tibet at least once in your life.

Because of the strong religious culture of Tibetans, there are many Buddhist temples and monasteries in Tibet. The old royal palace and garden are also excellent places to see Tibetan architecture and art.

The Tibetan plateau generally slopes from northwest to southeast, with a complex and varied terrain of snow-capped mountains, steep valleys, extensive glaciers, crystalline lakes, boundless grasslands, and deep tundra.

Stroll through Lhasa's streets or have a cup of tea at a local tea house to see and meet these tough, pious, traditionally feudal people. If you are travelling during a Tibetan festival, Tibetan people will also invite you to participate in their celebrations.

Tibet enchants travellers from mainland China and abroad with its culture, scenery, traditions, and mysteries. At every mention of this country, images of snow-capped mountains, mirrored lakes, the Potala Palace, and Buddhist disciples come immediately to mind.

The history of Tibet dates back some 4,000 years, during which time the Buddhist religion, language, and Zang culture were formed. Most people in Tibet practice Tibetan Buddhism and Bon. They have many unique ways, such as prostration on pilgrimages and burial in heaven, where the dead bodies are exposed to birds of prey. The Potala Palace, Toling Monastery, and Jokhang Monastery are the most famous among the Buddhist temples.

Most young and middle-aged people speak two languages, their language, and Mandarin. The people who live in this vast country are mainly Tibetans, an ethnic group with bold and uninhibited characteristics. Most of them lead a pastoral lifestyle and earn their living by raising yaks, cultivating, and producing handicrafts. Some cultural highlights are the thangka, a style of Buddhist painting on cotton or silk applications, herbal medicine, and local operas. The local people celebrate various festivals, such as the Tibetan New Year, the Shoton Festival, the Monlam Prayer Festival, the Butterlamp Festival, and the Saga Dawa Festival.

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